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2014國際首爾伴侶 : 任務

  • Febryanty Putry, 感謝您參加本次任務!

    Febryanty Putry 314
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    Hi, My name is Febryanty Putry, Im from Indonesia. I\\\’m 23 years old. on 3rd week of August i will fly to Seoul. and live for the next 2 years at Seoul because i will study at Sogang University. My dream come true to study at Seoul, Korea and got full scholarship from POSCO and GSM really help me to get new friend from Korea and around the world.

    really happy to get in touch with everyone who loves Korea and have same interest. as Global Seoul mate ( would have many friends from around the world and promote Seoul. I can a lot knowledge from them will get information about Seoul and Korea. So that as Global Seoul Mate for 2 years I already got new friends that still keep In touch until now. I really grateful and would be happy to be GSM 2014 to gain my knowledge about seoul, promote seoul and spread about positive things in Seoul to reader who open GSM page and read our blog so that they can more interesting about Korea and will come to Korea

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