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2014國際首爾伴侶 : 任務

  • Rossella Meloni, 感謝您參加本次任務!

    Rossella Meloni 298
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    Hi, my name is Rossella and I am an Italian living in Seoul. I have been in Seoul since the end of February 2014 so I am very new to life in this part of the world. Before coming here I did not know a lot about Korea and life in Seoul so every day is a new discovery and a great learning experience. Before coming to Seoul I worked as an IT consultant in the UK however I have moved here with my husband’s job so I am not working but I am using my free time to learn the Korean language and immerse myself in the culture. For my project I have chosen a mixture of pictures from my daily life: I live in Gangnam and I am discovering the streets of Seoul every day, I cook Italian food at home but I am also enjoying the discovery of Korean food and I am loving Bingsu in the summer!

    As a Global Seoul Mate I am hoping to share my experience as a foreigner living in Seoul with friends and family back home but also with other people in other parts of the world who are currently following my blog and my social media channels. There are so many things that I am discovering every day about the Korean culture and life in Seoul that I was not aware of. I realise that there isn't a very clear knowledge of this country overseas. Before I arrived here the times I heard of South Korea was mostly in relation to the conflict with North Korea and sometimes in relation to K-pop (but mostly when Psy stormed the radios). Yet there is much more to the Korean culture and Seoul than what reaches Europe and I hope to be able to share my knowledge of Seoul and encourage others to come and experience this city.

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