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2014國際首爾伴侶 : 任務

  • Mohsin Ali Badshah, 感謝您參加本次任務!

    Mohsin Ali Badshah 329
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    I am Mohsin Ali, 25 year old guy Pakistan. Currently residing in Seoul and pursuing my Master in Mechanical Engineering in Chung-Ang university. Basically, a technical person with bad habits to explore the society, environment and culture making friendship and much more called fun.

    My aspirations as a Global Seoul-Mate are to work with something related to korean culture so I can help promote it through my SNS to the rest of the world. I already have some simple blog about Korean Music, and Some beutiful sites in KOREA as I am working with Korea Tourism organization as well, but I wish to be part of something big and I wish I could live in Korea in the future. As a 2014 Seoul Mate, hopefully promote and share useful insights, news and information about Seoul using text, photos, videos and pictures, and participate in publicity campaign missions organized by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. So stay connected with my SNS: http://mohsinalibadshah.blogspot.kr/

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