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2014國際首爾伴侶 : 任務

  • Megan Fox, 感謝您參加本次任務!

    Megan Fox 310
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    My name is Megan Fox. I write a blog called Seoulmates Korea. It documents my experiences happening in and around Seoul, South Korea. I am a journalist and teacher originating from the state of Connecticut in America but currently living and working in Seoul. I have an education in photography and communications media. I came here with my husband, Thaddeus, the co-author of our blog. He is a history major who enjoys bringing out the historical aspect of our Korean travels. We are passionate about traveling and living abroad, having traveled to over 60 countries and lived in four continents.
 Some of our interested include hiking, culture, food (cooking), and volunteering.

    Seoul is an amazing city to live in! It is my goal that through documenting my personal experiences I can inspire others to enjoy Korea. I have been living in Korea for over a year now but have had so many adventures packed into my time here. It is simple to become connected, get involved and make transitioning into visiting or living in Korea an amazing experience. I hope that through my writing others can learn and fall in love with this amazing city just like I have.

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