2019 October (Vol.41)

I SEOUL U 2019 October No.41The City and its Architecture Speak about Seoul Celebrating its second anniversary this year following its launch in 2017, 
the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism takes place under the theme 
“Collective City: Reclaiming the City, Redefining Architecture” until November 10 
throughout downtown Seoul, in Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), 
Donuimun Museum Village, and Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture.
The Seoul Biennale is broadly divided into the Thematic Exhibition and the Cities 
Exhibition. The thematic exhibition, operated in DDP, is where visitors can learn 
about urban problems we face, the roles of cities, and how the cities have changed, 
as well as share and discuss the solutions. The cities exhibition takes place at 
the Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture, where the pending issues and problems 
of more than 80 cities are covered. Here, visitors can learn about what kind of issues 
the cities of the world are concerned about and what solutions exist. 
Over 180 institutions from more than 80 cities, including Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, 
New York, Ulan Bator, and Hong Kong, are participating in this year’s Seoul Biennale. 
The Seoul Biennale is a festival where not only experts in architecture can partake, 
but also regular citizens can enjoy and participate. People from various fields, 
including citizens, architects, and artists, freely exchange their opinions to seek 
solutions for urban problems and search for groundbreaking ideas and political 
alternatives to solve urban issues. Let’s have a deep discussion about the ideal city 
at the Seoul Biennale. Venues at which the Seoul Biennale takes place Dongdaemun 
Design Plaza Donuimun Museum Village Sewoon PlazaCopyright ⓒ SEOUL METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


2019 September (Vol.40)

I SEOUL U 2019 september No.40Seoul Adjusts Routes of Intra-city Buses Based on Big Data

Seoul will adjust the regular routes of intra-city buses with a focus on those with high levels of demand based on accumulated big data. The measure is being conducted in order to offer consumer-centered public transportation services and resolve the imbalances between the supplies of buses by scientifically analyzing their movement patterns according to hours, sections, areas, demand of passengers, and more. Through these adjustments, the city will reorganize inefficient routes and examine the expansion of squirrel and owl buses to satisfy the demands of passengers and their effective dispersion.

Seoul will also establish two to three routes of circulating buses in downtown areas. The downtown-circulating buses will be operated to prevent the inconvenience of passengers due to the ban on diesel vehicles and the restriction of ordinary vehicles in green areas. Green transportation areas connect historical and cultural tourist spots and major urban attractions. The routes for circulating buses will be customized and optimized to consider tourism, shopping, and entertainment, based on the comprehensive analysis of big data on traffic, communication data, number of tourists, and their courses.


2019 August (Vol.39)

I SEOUL U 2019 August No.39You may think that anyone can rest if they are sick. However, some 
people are deprived of this divine right. They are the vulnerable 
group of laborers who earn a living with their daily income, such as 
construction laborers and small business owners. As of 2016, 
the ratio of temporary workers who can take sick leave is 32%, 
less than half of the ratio of permanent workers.

The city of Seoul started the Seoul-type Paid Sick Leave Support 
project, the first of its kind in the nation, as the main project of the 
Comprehensive Plan for a Healthy Seoul in order to guarantee 
non-discrimination health rights to vulnerable laborers and small 
business owners who receive the least social security and cannot 
even receive treatment even when sick. The Seoul-type Paid Sick 
Leave Support is an innovative initiative to prevent vulnerable 
working groups from being deprived of medical services. The city 
provides the laborers and business owners who have not benefited 
from sick leaves as defined in Labor Standards Act or have been 
living in a welfare dead zone with living wages (KRW 81,180 as of 
2019) for up to 11 days per year (10 days of hospitalization and 1 day 
of physical examination offered by Health Insurance Corporation). 
Seoul will more widely activate Seoul Care to take care of working 
Seoulites by earnestly pursuing the Seoul-type Paid Sick Leave Support.


2019 July (Vol.38)

I SEOUL U 2019 July No.39As heat wave warnings are issued all throughout Seoul during the scorching summer, the city of Seoul has collaborated with 25 districts, metropolitan cities and related organizations for expansive installations such as mist-spraying shades,“Cooling Fog,” and crosswalk shades to protect citizens. The shades, which were first introduced in 2013 in Dongjak-gu, Seoul, area tent and parasol-like structures which can be found at crosswalks. Citizens can momentarily avoid the heat of the sun rays while waiting for traffic lights.Copyright ⓒ SEOUL METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Moreover, to provide natural shades in major downtown areas, the Seoul Metropolitan Government planted shade trees on traffic islands and by crosswalks in June 2019. Starting in July, the city is carrying out a project to install mobile tree planters in multi-use public spaces such as parks and plazas. As a result, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will place 400 planters on 71 traffic islands and 42 spots by crosswalks all throughout Seoul until 2022, and began its preparations for rest areas such as by installing chairs under the shade. In addition, various summer festivals are being held all around Seoul. Watch a clip of the Sinchon Water Gun Festival filmed on-site on the hip and trendy streets of Sinchon

2019 May (Vol.37)

I SEOUL U 2019 May No.37Seoul Metropolitan archives Opening on May 15, 2019 Collecting Seoul's memories and recoreds to pass on to future generationsCopyright ⓒ SEOUL METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


2019 April (Vol.36)

I SEOUL U 2019 April No.36Data seen by the mayor may be viewed by public at Digital Mayor’s Office Seoul first in the world to develop Digital Mayor’s Office concept in 2017, making a big data, comprised of 16 million pieces of data among 290 systems, open to the public  Detailed look into the public's life, policies, and municipal indexes via computers, smartphones, and main subway transfer station screensCopyright ⓒ SEOUL METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.홈페이지이전뉴스레터홈페이지페이스북인스타그램트위터유투브


2019 March (Vol.35)

I SEOUL U 2019 March No.35Seoul:World's Best MICE City Max. KRW 250 million Subsidy for Hosting an International Conference in Seoul Support in Hospitality Services and Customized Events for Corporations Expansion of Support for the Promotion of World-class Convergence MICECopyright ⓒ SEOUL METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


2019 February (Vol.34)

I SEOUL U 2019 February No.34March First Independence Movement 
Commemorated Throughout Seoul In honor of the 100th anniversary of the March First Independence Movement, Seoul has announced the 2019 Centennial Anniversary of the March First Independence Movement Commemoration Project. ❶ Sympathy March First Independence Movement 100th anniversary main event, cultural events. ❷ Memory Remembering and commemorating the spirit of independence at historical sites. ❸ Reflection Building an accurate understanding of history through exhibits, scholarly symposiums, historical lectures.Copyright ⓒ SEOUL METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


2019 January (Vol.33)

I SEOUL U 2019 january No.33Seoul Metropolitan Government's 4-Year-Plan for 2019 - 2022 Future City, Seoul - 6 New Convergence Industry Complexes - Tourism & MICE Industry Safe City, Seoul - Safety Management - Air Quality Improvement Welfare City, Seoul - Seoul Social Service Center - Better Healthcare System Harmonious City, Seoul - Balanced City Development - Urban Regeneration Fair City, Seoul - Gender Equality in Labor Policies - Seoul Democracy CommitteeCopyright ⓒ SEOUL METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


2018 December (Vol.32)

I SEOUL U 2018 December No.32Seoul Plaza Skating Rink
Opens on December 21 1.Newly Renovated with Bigger Space & Various Activities 2.Special Events for Christmas & End of Year 3. Curling Experience, Photo Zone, VR Zone and More!Copyright ⓒ SEOUL METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


2018 Nobember (Vol.31)

I SEOUL U 2018 Nobember No.31Seoul will cooperate with the federal government, banks, and private payment service operators to launch ‘Seoul Pay (simple payment service for small businesses),’ a service that will reduce credit card commissions paid by 660,000 small businesses in Seoul. Consumers can use the smartphone app to scan the ‘QR code’ available at each shop and input the amount to transfer from the consumer’s account to the seller’s account.


2018 October (Vol.30)

I SEOUL U 2018 October No.30Seoul Botanic Park Pre-opens on Oct 11 Parks and Botanical Gardens for Citizens and Visitors 3,100 Species of Plants in 500,000 m2 Space Enjoy Exotic Plants from 12 Countries for FreeCopyright ⓒ SEOUL METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.